Being an Artist – Why It’s Not About the Money

What is an artist, the fine artist, artisan, and a craftsman? Artist-is an individual who creates products for commercial businesses. Two examples are graphic designers and book illustrators. Fine Artist-An inherited talent to create original, visual, and beautiful objects of art for aesthetic values. Examples include oil paintings and hand sculptures. Artisan-independent craftsmen who create […]

The Lost Library of Hernando Columbus

Everybody has heard of Christopher Columbus – the famous “admiral” who stumbled upon some islands by sailing West from Europe to find a new route to Oriental lands. He didn’t realize there was a continent barring the way to his destination. Within decades, this unexplored land evolved into a lucrative transatlantic empire for Spain. Columbus […]

6 Areas. Where A More Pragmatic Approach, Makes Sense!

While political candidates, often, resort to making lots of empty promises, and using idealistic rhetoric (and proposing ideas, which while needed and necessary, won’t be achieved, without a plan, which will be enacted), today, perhaps more than at any time, in recent memory, we need to elect someone, whose goals are relevant, and sustainable, but […]